Operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, MissingKidsALERT is a public notification service designed to provide critical information in the search for missing children. Through this service Canadians can quickly and easily sign up to receive missing child alerts through email which can be shared through a variety of electronic platforms.

Children are often located as a direct result of someone recognizing them from a photo.

Report a Tip or Sighting

Any amount of information can be significant. We want to hear from you whether you believe you have seen a missing child or have a tip.


SUCCESS STORY: MissingKidsALERT issued to locate vulnerable youth possibly travelling across Canada

In spring 2017, the mother of a 15-year-old boy contacted MissingKids.ca after reporting her son missing to RCMP. Information gathered throughout the investigation led to the possibility that the youth had left his residence and may be travelling east across multiple provinces. Using relevant and strategic case information, a MissingKidsALERT was distributed to individuals and businesses across four provinces, while being mindful not to overexpose the youth. During this time ongoing support was provided to the searching parent until the boy was safely located in the province he was believed to be heading.

About MissingKidsALERT

MissingKidsALERT uses a targeted system to facilitate the rapid distribution of critical information in a missing child case, allowing the public to serve as the eyes and ears for searching families and police.

The MissingKidsALERT service:

  • Deals with a broad spectrum of missing child cases in which public notification and assistance has been deemed valuable. Alerts will not be issued where the risk to the child, searching family, or investigation outweighs the value of notifying the public.
  • Is a targeted and precise notification service that notifies individuals who have signed up in the event of a missing child in their region.
  • Can complement existing provincial AMBER Alert systems and can also be used in cases which fall outside of the AMBER Alert protocol.

Sign Up

By signing up you are consenting to our organization sending you emails regarding missing child cases where there is reason to believe the missing child may be in your area. To assist us in geographically targeting the alerts we send out, please provide us with the name of the city and province where you reside.

Please provide the email address at which you wish to receive notifications from the MissingKidsALERT service. We require this information in order to provide you with email notifications and will use the information only for that purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up?
Numerous children have been safely located by citizens recognizing the face of a missing child and reporting their concerns to the appropriate authorities.
How is the MissingKidsALERT service different than the AMBER Alert system?
The MissingKidsALERT service does not interrupt public broadcasting systems and only targets specific areas where it is believed the missing child may be. While a number of factors are taken into account, there are no specific criteria that must be met for an alert to be sent out. More information on AMBER Alerts.
What do I do when I receive a MissingKidsALERT?
Make sure you pay attention to the instructions included in the alert. There will be times when recipients are encouraged to share the alert publicly and other times when they are asked to simply view the alert but not to share it publicly. In addition to sharing the alert electronically with your network if instructed to do so, we would encourage you to be on the lookout in your community and take the time to talk to your family and friends who may have helpful information.
What happens to my contact information?
Your contact information is not shared with anyone outside of our organization. It is used only for the purpose of sending alerts that you have signed up to receive. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
Will I receive an alert every time a child goes missing?
No. Consideration is always given to the value of public notification. In some cases, alerts will not be issued through the MissingKidsALERT service where the risk to the child, searching family, or investigation outweighs the value of notifying the public. Alerts are also geographically targeted.
How do I update my preferences or unsubscribe from receiving MissingKidsALERT notifications?

Updating your preferences can be done easily by using this form. Simply enter the email address you signed up with into the field below. You will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to update the type of notifications you receive.

To unsubscribe from receiving MissingKidsALERT notifications, simply enter the email address you signed up with into the field below.

If you have any questions or run into any difficulties please contact us.

SUCCESS STORY: MissingKidsALERT issued after 10-year-old goes missing from school grounds

In fall 2017, MissingKids.ca provided direct support to the family of a young boy who went missing from his school. Caseworkers worked closely with local police to disseminate information throughout the city, alerting community members to engage in the search. Thankfully, the boy was found the same day and reunited with his family. Ongoing support was provided to assist in the aftermath of their child going missing.